Manufacturing MasterClass™️ With Dani Simone
Manufacturing MasterClass™️ With Dani Simone
Manufacturing MasterClass™️ With Dani Simone
Manufacturing MasterClass™️ With Dani Simone
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Manufacturing MasterClass™️ With Dani Simone

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✨Manufacturing MasterClass™️

Imagine your PERFECT day as a Dress Designer…

A day where you can be creative, productive and enjoy your business.

 You wake up to $$$ and several new orders in your inbox.

And instead of freaking out trying to figure out when you'll find the time to make these orders, or worrying that you'll need to either cancel them or pull WEEKS of all night sewing sessions...

You simply contact your sample room, submit the orders and think about the next collection of dresses you'll start working on!

Look Sis, you do NOT have to imagine this any more!

I'm about to make it EASY to grow your business without having to sew a single stitch (unless you want to of course!)

Hey, I'm Dani Simone!

I'm a 5 Star Etsy Seller of Custom Wedding Dresses and Bridal Illustrator and Educator, Pinterest Brand Strategist as well as a Bridal Trend & Manufacturing Expert from Connecticut.

Before starting my bridal brand, I worked in both the NY and LA Garment districts as a designer, and was used tosubmitting orders to our sample room and getting back professional samples.

When I decided to start my own bridal brand, I used to sit at my sewing machine for HOURS making samples.

It was rough because I also had an infant and no time for myself!

I would literally shake with fear when I would get too many orders and inquiries and I ended up refunding people their money and damaging my reputation in the early days because


I realized I needed help FAST!


I hired local sewers who gave me hit or miss quality samples or couldn't replicate them because they didn't use a pattern.

Then I decided to try to work with a manufacturing agent.

But their prices were astronomical and I just couldn't see myself paying for something that I could do on my own, since I had worked with factories in the past.

So I struck out on my own, searched for and contacted factories and after LOTS of trial and error...

I have been able to find and work with reputable factories since 2010!

 I even utilized the same factory for FIVE YEARS, but sadly they closed down due to the Pandemic.

I went back to the drawing board, pun intended and found two new factories, one a high end factory with amazing prices, beautiful work and professional service and the other with couture level work and full service design assistance - they even have done rush orders for me in 30 days!

But when I started on this journey I was definitely confused like I know YOU have been!

I had SO many questions like:

Who can I ask for sewing help?

How do I start the process to find factories?

Where the heck should I look for sewers?

And the BIG one...

WHAT was the first step to getting my designs made professionally if I wasn’t there to oversee the process personally? Did I need to travel to these factories? What was that going to cost me???

I wasn’t sure of much,

but one thing I DID know was that


I had no time to make the gorgeous ideas I had in my head and I wanted my designs to look like they could be sold in a store. 

I loved seeing an idea in my head go from a sketch to seeing an actual wedding dress I had made myself, but where could I find the time to sew AND grow?


Manufacturing MasterClass™️ with Dani Simone…


My Manufacturing Matchmaker will help you move from confused to cashing in!

You'll have professionally made samples so you can grow your line!

Your purchase includes:

📌 A list of Bridal, Prom and Special Occasion Dress Manufacturers in price points to meet ANY professional Dress Designer’s production needs 
📌3 Get It Made™️ Hands-On Manufacturing MasterClass

™️ Workshops taking you from ideation to creation and setting up your own professional outsourced sample room 
📌My one-of-a kind Bridal & Special Occasion Tech Pack templates designed to help you avoid costly mistakes and endless back and forth - 
There are NO Wedding & Special Occasion Dress Tech Packs available for sale so...I designed my own and I'm giving you exclusive access to them!
📌 Two 60 min check in Session for both Procreate and Manufacturing MasterClass at 30 & 90 days to ensure you are making progress and answer any questions you may have

PLUS as a special gift to you, LIFETIME Manufacturing Partner Updates!

I am constantly finding and testing new Manufacturing Partners for my Designers to work with. When I find and use a new one and can attest to their quality work, professionalism, and skills, I will share their information with Designers who invested in their businesses with me. While this added feature doesn’t have a specific date on it, I have updated my Designers at least once within the 12-24 months following working with me! 

 Wondering why  you should invest in your business with me, instead of wasted money and trial and error? 

I did some research on how much bridal manufacturing lists (or any apparel manufacturing list) cost and was astounded!

There are companies that won't even tell you the manufacturer's name and the ones that do want $2500 plus for just LISTING!

Without even testing a sample from them first!

I want to help YOUR BRAND grow!


I've put together all the skills I've learned throughout my career to help your designs look professional and high quality so your brand can LEVEL UP!


YOU CAN SEARCH BY YOURSELF, HOP ON ALIBABA, SUBMIT REQUESTS FOR QUOTES AND HAVE THEM GET REJECTED OR BECOME unbelievably confused about exactly what a manufacturer is asking you for, or even lose thousands of dollar’s, potential and current customers and even possibly your business.

Nah, You ain't doin NONE of that!



STOP ✋🏾 wondering & Start working with your own Pro manufacturing partners so your business can grow!



How did you find these manufacturers?

Besides the manufacturer I used regularly, I have built a professional reputation in the Bridal Sourcing community by wokring with some of the best manufacturers. I've also received samples to test out countless factories and I have received referrals from other trusted manufacturers which has helped me narrow down the list you will receive.


Can you guarantee that I will get a perfect sample?

While it's not possible for me to gaurantee that every sample you order will turn out perfectly, I will give you the steps you need to submit your sample request and get back a PROFESSIONALLY MADE SAMPLE. That means you MUST follow the steps I outline and follow up with your new manufacturer in a TIMELY FASHION!


Are Sampling fees included with this offer?

This program only includes the above mentioned; no sampling fees, fabric costs, shipping/customs duties are included in this fee.


Do I need a patternmaker to work with these manufacturers?

Pattern making is included in your sampling cost. Fabric is also usually included unless your client wants a specific fabric, but you can also ask your new manufacturing partner to find the fabric you need. I do offer specialty fabric sourcing partners that can be added separately as needed.


Can I just hire you to submit my orders when I have them?

Absolutely! I offer ongoing retainer Production Management services. If that is something you are interested in please email me at You can either have me work for you by the piece or on monthly retainer.

Monthly management starts at $5000 and is based on me submitting 10+ (volume) sample requests for your brand. This is perfect for a brand that is in need of regular ongoing assistance.


Where are your manufacturers located?

The manufacturers on my list may be located in China, Ukraine, Turkey, India or Vietnam and the US. My most recommended Manufacturing. partners are in China including both high end and couture, I have found through years of working with the different countries listed above that China provides unparalleled service and quality due to their country’s investment in becoming the Manufacturing Capital of the world, so I always suggest them FIRST. Many other countries may not provide full service sample making so you’ll need to provide fabric, patterns and trims to complete your project if they do not have it available. I will update you with any new manufacturers I find and test prior to sharing with you.

So why are you still reading? Have more questions you want help with before making your decision? Click here to book a call with me and I’ll go over what to expect and answer all your questions 👇🏾