AtelierPRO Program

Ethical Wedding Dresses

Your purchase of a wedding dress, veil, accessory, etc. supports the training of BIPOC and members of the historically disinvested community of Hartford, CT in sewn trades and fashion tech with the goal of them opening their own small batch manufacturing businesses to serve the Bridal Industry. Each trainee, upon successful completion of an up to 12 month program will graduate with an AtelierPRO certification

What are sewn trades?

Sewn trades include the sewing and construction needed to assemble wedding dresses, veils, accessories, etc for brides, grooms, and attendants’ attire for wedding events. This includes pattern making, draping, corset construction, sewing including basic sewing skills like reading patterns, measuring garments, etc. 

What is Fashion Tech?

Fashion Tech includes digital illustration, 3D Fashion Design, digital pattern making and digital tech design such as measurement input and sample costing. 

Both sewn trades and fashion tech skills are important parts of a professional fashion design company and as such, each AtelierPRO will be able to select the desired career/business ownership outcome that is right for them. 

What are part of the profits from sales used for?

Your purchase supports training programs, instructors, software, supplies, equipment and stipends. Your support makes dreams a reality. 

Start your custom wedding dress journey here: 

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