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Looking for expert tips, advice and instruction to help grow your Dress Design Brand? Look no further, because I got you! 

I'll help you learn to sketch beautiful, high quality dress sketches using the power of Procreate for iPad and once you're ready to scale your business, I can help you begin outsourcing your sewing to help you get from behind the sewing machine and doing what you do best, in front of customers, serving them with your amazing designs. Need help with strategy, niching your brand to serve a unique audience or figuring out the next steps for growth as an independent designer? I got you! I'll help you figure out the right strategy to grow your brand including creating unique content that will attract paying customers who are excited to work with you! 

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Growing up in the lively city of Hartford, CT, I found my love for drawing at just 7. By the time I was 9, I boldly declared that I wanted to be a wedding dress designer. Little did anyone know that this dreamer had a special talent that would leave a mark in the world of bridal fashion.

In 2003, with my fashion design education, I started a journey from the bustling fashion hub in Los Angeles to the stylish heart of New York. My knack for drawing made me stand out, and soon, I found myself working as a private label designer, seeing my designs sold at well-known retailers like Nordstrom, Macy's, Belks, Saks, and more. My sketches opened the door to limitless opportunities as I designed activewear, athleisure, cut-and-sew knits, and denim, specializing in creating embroidery and embellishments, CAD artwork, and Technical Design. 

But the real journey began when I decided to start my own custom wedding dress business. I was one of the first bridal designers to sell exclusively online on platforms like Etsy, Facebook, and my own website. With an eye for detail and a commitment to the perfect fit, I've brought joy to many brides who see my creations as the highlight of their special day.

Step into my world of creativity, where dreams come true, and love is stitched into every dress. 

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