Why does every By Dani Simone Studio custom corset wedding dress feature my signature built in corsets?

You have enough to worry about on your wedding day without the added worry of what will give you the shape you want. How do I know? Because after working with brides all over the world since 2007, one of their main questions were “what shapewear works best with my gown?”

At 18, one of my first jobs was at a bridal shop and part of my duties were to stock the dressing rooms with gowns for trying on as well as shoes, accessories and more. I was also tasked with setting up the dressing room with shapewear like bridal corsets for brides to try on under their gown. My manager explained to me that the goal was to get the bride to leave with as many products as possible - basically increase the upsell potential for every bride so that the shop would make more money. 

I don’t have to explain to you how much I didn’t like doing that. It felt dishonest, salesly and icky. 

Why were’nt gowns made WITH the structure needed to fit brides the way they wanted them to? 

Brides were already dropping several hundreds to thousands of dollars on their gowns, accessories like veils and jewelry not to mention alterations and the shop’s goal of increasing each sale amount by needlessly making them purchase shapewear? 

I eventually attended fashion design school and ended up working in the fashion industry - sharpening my skills in illustration and perfecting the fit of the garments I designed. And when I decided to start my own bridal brand (learn more about my journey HERE) I knew I wanted to do better for my brides by designing gowns that focused on fit in addition to being beautiful. That’s why over the years, I’ve worked diligently to create gowns that do not require additional shapewear unless you want to wear it. 

Learn more about my signature 3 level corsets so you can select the exact structure that’s right for your dream wedding day look. 




Unsure about which level is right for you? Book a CUSTOMConsult with me and I’ll help you figure out the perfect compliment to your figure.