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My story starts with me at 9 years old growing up in a small town in Connecticut, spending every moment of my free time (and some not so free time) sketching. I decided I wanted to be a wedding dress designer from a very young age - a fact which was partly due to my mother having wedding dress magazines around the house because she was an event planner and helped organize and design weddings for many of her friends and coworkers. 

The thing that really made me want to be a wedding dress designer was just looking at brides and their wedding dresses and dreaming of the brides I would one day design for. My desire to design wedding dresses was furthered by one of a college internship where I was an Apprentice Alterationist and Custom Designer. I would assist the owner of the small boutique that sold custom wedding dresses, accessories and hosted trunk shows for local artisans while studying for my degree in Fashion Design at Brooks College in Long Beach, CA around 40 minutes from Los Angeles. My first job in fashion was with a company with it's own onsite sample room - part of my duties included pattern making and working with the sewers to get samples perfect. I relocated back East and moved to NYC where I began working in fashion companies on Broadway and 7th avenue. However, I wasn't designing gowns like I really wanted, instead I sketched collections of active wear, athleisure, and even denim to be sold in stores like Macy's, Saks 5th Avenue, Nordstrom and more. 

I began designing wedding dresses on the side and after being laid off during the Housing Crash in 2007/2008, I began designing my own line of unique hand made wedding dresses. I quickly received orders for custom gowns and the rest is history. 

In the last 14 years, I've designed hundreds of wedding gowns, veils and bridal accessories and immersed myself in the Bridal world. I frequently share Bridal Trends on my Pinterest based magazine which you can see HERE

I'm passionate about sustainable and ethical fashion which is why my mission is to "change the world one wedding dress at a time." Read more about my initiative HERE. 

I feel honored that you have seen my work and want me to make your custom wedding dress for your special day. Feel free to reach out to me via email at bydansimone@gmail.com or by DM-ing me on Instagram, Facebook or wherever you find me! 

Ready to start your Dream Wedding Dress with me? 

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If you've already made your purchase and would like a virtual fitting book your BESPOKEFit appointment HERE. 

I look forward to making your dreams come true. Just like you've made mine. 

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