Understanding Your Options: A Guide to Purchasing the Perfect Custom Corset Wedding Dress

Custom corset wedding dresses by Dani Simone Studio

The most amazing thing about rocking your dream custom wedding dress on your big day is that IT’S ALL UP TO YOU!


You can get exactly what you want once you know how to explain what you are looking for, so we decided to share our top tips for purchasing the perfect custom corset wedding dress! Keep reading cus it’s going to get juicy! 


  1. Do you have any inspiration you want to share? My example: I designed one of my favorite gowns for a bride a year before and I loved the net and the sheer corset with lace, it was sexy without being too much so I incorporated that with my gown design. 
  2. No matter what dress you decide to wear, first, think about this: what do you always want to feel to explain your overall love story and how you felt on your wedding day? My example: I wanted to be a modern day Cinderella on my wedding day. WHY: My husband came into my life at a time when I was down and didn’t feel like the person I could be, but he saw in me something beautiful and worthy of love and the best of life and he wanted to give that to me. So my desire was to look and feel like the woman worthy of all that love and I wanted my dress and how I looked to reflect that so his friends and family KNEW how he felt about me and I about him. 
  3. Design elements you love? My example: corsets, flowy, two piece or detachable skirt 
  4. Figure assets you love? My example: shoulders, my face and smile,  my skin color and softness
  5. Fabrics you love? My example: matte satin or Mikado, lace, tulle, organza, net 
  6. Textures and feel? My example: flowy, sheer, soft, beading but not scratchy, net and lace 
  7. What kind of wedding and reception do you want to have? My example: church ceremony, city hall reception, dancing, easy to walk in, no long train
  8. What are your artner’s desires? My example: kiss my shoulder, want to feel proud to marry me in a church, in front of our families, strict christian families, want him to see me as pretty, feminine and like he really chose a beautiful bride 
  9. What is your entire bridal attire and accessories budget?
  10. Any plans for your gown AFTER the wedding? My example: quality is important to me. I didn’t want a cheaply made gown, i wanted something that would be in great condition in 20 years, wouldn’t bust at the seams and was overall well made
  11. What are your color desires? My example: I chose off white bodice and lace with light blue underlay 
  12. Is there anyone to honor you would want to honor in the desire of your gown? My example: I wanted to honor my son who passed in 2012, blue for a baby boy. 


This is an exhaustive list, we know, but this can help you get clarity on the things you want and desire in your wedding dress, so you can prioritize your budget, the designer you choose to work with and the final decision on what you want to wear when you walk down the aisle. 

Keep reading our blog to learn how to break down each of the steps above, let us know,  which one from the list above are you most excited to figure out? 

Love this list, but need some help figuring out each? Our designer has broken down the best way to figure out all this in a super simple formula and we’ve opened up our calendars to help you create your own Bespoke Bridal Bio to help you decide what the wedding dress of your dream will look and feel like on your wedding day! Book your complimentary call here before they are all gone: https://calendly.com/bydanisimone/bespokebridalbiocall . 

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