It's Your Wedding Day, Go Big or Go Small

It's Your Wedding Day, Go Big or Go Small  Wear A Short or Long Wedding Dress,  It's Your Day!

Continuing with our series on making sure you get what you want on your wedding day, I’d like to discuss that no matter what kind of wedding you decide to have, be it a micro wedding with no more than 30 of your nearest and dearest or a massive wedding at an estate with over 300 of your friends and family, you should feel excited and happy on your big day, whatever you decide to wear.

Almost 3 years ago when everything shut down, weddings were very different than they had been before. Many brides chose to skip the long gown for a short micro wedding dress to fit their much smaller event. However, now that nearly everything is opened back up, many brides are seeing that a small wedding with a big and dramatic gown is exactly what they want. 

I say, why not? Why can’t you rock a gown with a train in Santorini with just ten people present? Why can’t you wear a short wedding dress for your rooftop wedding with 100 guests? It’s your day to shine and celebrate the love between you and your fiancé and I’m here for it! 

If you decide to wear a long wedding dress to your micro wedding or elopement, let your guests know it’s still a black tie event by indicating this on your invitations as well as ideas for acceptable attire. If you want your guests to feel free to get loose at your wedding even though you’re planning to wear a short dress, try a long veil for your trip down the aisle then ditch it in favor of a cute pair of flats or sneakers and a pretty headband for your reception. 

Feel free to wear what you want and celebrate how you want on your wedding day, no matter what anyone else thinks!

So, would you rock a short wedding dress at your wedding or wear a gown with a dramatic train for your micro wedding? Let me know in the comments! 

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