Purple Wedding Dress, The Isabela Dress



 Hey DreamBrides, 

What would a more grown up Isabela Madrigal wear in real life? Find out by stepping into my dreams to find out! 

My sister, husband and niece all challenged me to design my version of Isabela Madrigal from Encanto and of course I just HAD to try it. This pretty purple tulle gown adorned with multi-color roses is my take on a sophisticated gown worthy of a girl who can make anything grow! Read more for the inside scoop on my inspiration. 



Isabela can make any kind of plant grow and in most of the movie we see her surrounded by gorgeous blooms. I decided she deserved a more sophisticated take on the dress we saw her wearing for most of the movie so I combined the elements we know and love about her character with my own twists. 


I designed a puffed sleeve sweetheart gown with a tulle tiered floor length skirt and built in corset with my signature boning placement style. I only drew the front view of this dress but I imagine it would have a pretty lace up back so Isabela can cinch it as tight or as loose as she’d like. My favorite detail is the bodice with a large scale net design which reminded me of a latticework garden fence and I carried this design element over to her short to mid length puffed sleeves. 


Last but certainly not least, I layered pretty rose appliques on each tier of the skirt. I imagined using super tiny rose appliques on the cups which would be such a romantic touch. 


This sketch took me about 4.5 to 5 hours over the course of two days. I started with drawing the silhouette, testing colors for the perfect purple hue and playing around with the right sizes for rose appliqués. 



I found pretty organza flower appliqués on Etsy. These would need to be hand dyed to the right colors. I also think I’d rather make my own rose appliques out tulle to match the gown though but I could buy these for reference on the sizing I need. I also like that a lot of fabric flowers I saw have tiny beads in the center, that’s an added design element that adds a touch of gorgeous sparkle which I’d love to add to the Isabela gown.



Okay, now that Isabela is stepping into her power, I’d like to play with silhouettes and colors for her based on this gown. I also think she is the ultimate Boho Princess so I’d love to revisit her by designing something worthy of desert blooms like the cacti she was able to create. I think her life is going to take some exciting and unexpected turns so I’d love to explore more types of designs (a jumpsuit? A mini dress? What else can I do?) 



If i was to make this gown, I’m estimating the price would be around $4600 depending on extras like the beads on handmade flower appliques and the skirt length desired. I am sooo in love with this dress and would be so excited to create this custom creation for someone just like you. 

~Dani Simone


I dream in tulle, satin and lace and love to share what inspires me plus what I’m working on here on my blog. If you love what you see, and want me to bring one of my dreams to life for your special day, use the CONTACT form to get in touch! I can’t wait to create something amazing just for you! 

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