How To Attach A Drop Veil Without A Comb - The Invisible Method


luxury drop veil By Dani Simone Studio

I love the elegant look of a drop veil and my favorite way to design them by far is without a comb… but how the heck are you supposed to keep it secure?!?! 

No worries, I got you!

📌You’ll need:

• 2 large sewing pins or 2 medium sized sharp hat pins 

• A drop veil 

• A mirror if you are practicing alone - ask a friend or stylist to help on your wedding day 

Follow the steps below to learn how to secure your drop veil in a style often called the invisible method

  1. Adjust the front of your drop veil where you prefer. I like to adjust the drop to be between hip to just above the waist length depending on the design. Drop veils with heavy lace borders look great at hip height while minimalist designs can be worn wherever you choose.
  2. Thread one of the pins through your hair and the veil similar to sewing through fabric
  3. Repeat this process on the opposite side keeping pins close together and parallel to each other
  4. Your veil is now secure! You can flip it back when you’re ready for the big 💋! 

In this video I’m using medium sized hat pins with decorative skulls on the ends to match the Goth theme. I usually send my DreamBrides pins to match their custom wedding dresses but yup can also use plain pins for a very invisible look. 

Click the image below to view & save the video on Pinterest! 

How to attach a wedding veil without a comb tutorial



~Dani Simone  


I dream in tulle, satin and lace and love to share what inspires me plus what I’m working on here on my blog. If you love what you see, and want me to bring one of my dreams to life for your special day, use the CONTACT form to get in touch! I can’t wait to create something amazing just for you! 

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