Happy Marriages Matters Series - #1 Why You Definitely Should Do Pre-Marital Counseling

Happy Marriages Matter By Dani Simone

When I was 25 I married my first husband and did EVERYTHING wrong. If I could do it wrong, I did it. When it came to finances, we were NOT aligned. 

After a divorce and planning for a new marriage in 2018, my husband and I went through Premarital counseling. I suggest EVERY engaged couple invest in their future by finding a trusted counselor to guide them through thinking about their future marriage. 

Through Premarital counseling, I learned…

  • How important it is to discuss your financial goals as a family - I DO NOT want my kids struggling with student loan debt like I did
  • What about paying bills?   I REFUSE to pay anything late - late fees what’s that? 
  • Our goal for homeownership and the lifestyle we want - I want a home that I can pass down to our kids 

And that’s just about finances. Premarital counseling can help you understand things about yourself and your partner like: 

  • If you want kids, how you both would like to raise them, and whether or not your parenting styles mesh (to spank or not to spank and will you be doing gentle parenting or will you be very strict?)
  • How you’ll handle disagreements and conflict within your marriage (are you a screamer and your partner shuts down?)
  • What kind of life do you want to have when it’s time to retire (are you interested in becoming a couple of RV nomads or does your partner want to golf all year long?)
  • How much sex you would like to have (are you thinking daily and your partner is thinking once a week?) 
  • And more

If you got nothing else from this, just know that communication was missing from my first marriage so premarital counseling has been SUPER important in my current marriage and now we are on the same page. By committing to Premarital counseling and by periodically reflecting on what we learned together, our marriage is everything I ever dreamed about. 

So let me know, are you planning on signing up for Premarital counseling sessions? Why or why not? I’m can’t wait to hear from you!

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