Designing Your DREAM Custom Wedding Dress: Understanding Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Designing Your DREAM Custom Wedding Dress: Understanding Wedding Dress Silhouettes
When deciding on the custom wedding dress of your dreams, start with your silhouette first. 

The basic wedding dress silhouettes are:

  1. A-line - this is the basis for many different types of gowns including the most dramatic ballgowns. Characterized by its signature “A” shape it is usually recommended for brides who want to hide a tummy. Around here though we DO NOT tell brides to choose dresses based on antiquated norms, so if this style appeals to you, rock it but don’t feel you have to if it's your style. 
  2. Ballgown- technically can be classified as an A-line, this silhouette can also be bell shaped and is characterized by its drama and fullness. Typically supported by additional petticoats to up its drama, this gown style is reserved for brides who love the idea of a really big dress. 
  3. Mermaid- this style is arguably the most popular for brides who want to show off their figures. Characterized by a fitted shape throughout the bodice to hips/thighs or even to the knee, this silhouette flares out into a dramatic upside-down champagne glass. Other versions of this silhouette are the trumpet and fit-and-flare. Historically, only brides with hourglass figures or pear-shaped with not too large hips were encouraged to rock this style but I say wear what you want if this style appeals to you. 
  4. Sheath - this style is characterized by being straight from hips to floor. Often, this style is either paired with an overskirt or can look very similar to a mermaid or trumpet silhouette due to the addition of flare at the knee area. 
  5. Empire - thank Bridgerton for this silhouette making a comeback. Characterized by its underbust seam, high waist, and loose shape, this style has often been used in maternity wear. Perfect for all the vintage-loving ladies. 
  6. Tea length- typically shaped like an A-line Or Ballgown dress, this silhouette is characterized by its shorter length. A true tea length will hit between knees to calves though I have seen dresses advertised as tea length that is just above floor length to just below the knee. Many designers add petticoats for a bit of extra dramatic fluff when a bride walks. 

This coming week I’ll be sharing ideas for your dream wedding dress to help you get inspired but for now let me know in the comments: which silhouette are you excited to rock? I can’t wait to hear from you!

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