6 Self Care Tips For Brides

6 Self Care Tips For Brides blog post By Dani Simone Studio

I’ve shared in the past that I moderate a large Facebook Community called Melanated Bride. This is an active community of 17,000+ who ask questions, share ideas, and inspiration, and ask questions. I am in other Bride groups as well, but this one is my favorite because it’s not as big as a - say 100K member group but it’s very active and a great place for brides planning their weddings. 

One of the most asked questions always has a hint of stress to them. And I get it, in 2018 when my husband and I were planning our wedding, it was so stressful that I would definitely not have minded eloping. The reason is that when you are getting married you can not skimp on your self-care and I personally feel like you even have to up your rituals to get right. 

From deciding on and paying for venues (they are expensive right?), to choosing your bridesmaids, writing vows, searching for a wedding dress, finding shoes and jewelry and hairpieces to go with, to deciding what to feed these folks and when to turn off RSVPs there are a host of things to remember which will leave any bride frazzled. Even if you have a planner, you will still need to make decisions on your cake flavor, bridesmaids’ dresses, and more. I’ve put together a short list of tips for Bridal Self Care to help you on your journey down the aisle, do one or do ‘em all but make sure you show up on your wedding day a little more calmly because you took time for yourself! 

  1. Hire a wedding planner! Even though I just mentioned you’ll still have things to decide on, I believe it’s better with a wedding planner. They can assist you in the tedious un-fun parts of planning your wedding and take a ton of pressure off your plate. Even if you choose to go with a Day-Of-Coordinator, at the very least you will have someone else for your guests and family members to contact with specific questions. 
  2. Make it a moment with your skincare routine. Create a simple nightly ritual of your favorite facial cleanser, serums, and moisturizer and add a sheet, wash off, or peel off mask. Settle into bed a little earlier than usual with a good book or your favorite show and enjoy your skincare products as they help get you ready to be picture-perfect. 
  3. Get some beauty sleep. A jump-off from my tip above is to get some zzzs. Try to go to bed early a few times a week and make your bedroom an oasis of calm to promote rest. Spray lavender, make sure your room is not too hot, keep devices out, and have a sleepy time routine to help you fall asleep faster. Making sure you’re rested will help you feel less stressed and look better on your wedding day. 
  4. Stay hydrated. Drinking water will help your skin, hair, and body look and feel better as you flush out toxins from your system. Get a pretty water bottle like this one from a Black Owned Brand I’m obsessed with called Notiq. I have 3 of their water bottles, 2 in the mauve color and one in frost white, I even bought one for my teenage daughter. What I love about these bottles is the affirmations printed on them. Every time you take a swig you get to see the kind of woman you are becoming for example the side says “I AM BECOMING” and each line says something like “A woman of focus” or “A woman of consistency” making you strive to reach and finish the final line “I am a woman of completion”. Check out the entire endlessly elegant Notiq shop HERE. 
  5. Take a weekend away with your honey before your wedding day. This short trip can help you reconnect and revitalize your spark. After months of planning and the focus being all on the wedding, take time to away where the focus will be all on the two of you. Even a bed and breakfast in your city can help take the edge off and get you excited for your life ahead. 
  6. Keep a journal. Journalling your feelings about your wedding planning process or using your journal to unwind after a long day. Journaling helps you empty your mind of the emotions that are weighing you down and can be a beautiful keepsake for years to come as you look back on the time leading up to your wedding day. Purchase a pretty journal and pen and keep your journal in a safe space so you don't forget it. 

Notiq Water Tracking System Mauve and Frost White Water Bottle set


Want more self-care tips, ideas for tracking and planning your self-care, and more? Head over to my Bridal Self Care Pinterest board https://pin.it/a3Z1tZY and make sure to create your own board to stay inspired!

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