Your Custom Wedding Dress Inspiration | Understanding Your Options; A Guide to Purchasing The Perfect Custom Corset Wedding Dress

Your Custom Wedding Dress Inspiration

We’re sharing our most exclusive tips and advice for getting the custom wedding dress of your dreams with our blog series Understanding Your Options; A Guide to Purchasing The Perfect Custom Corset Wedding Dress. 


In this first article we’re going to cover our first question: 

Do you have any inspiration you want to share? Inspiration can come from images of wedding dresses or other fashion, shoes, fabric, jewelry, etc. and helps our designer figure out your style and what matters to you in the design of your dream wedding gown. 


My example: I designed one of my favorite gowns for a bride a year before and I loved the net and the sheer corset with lace, it was sexy without being too much so I incorporated that with my gown design. 


Do you have pictures from designers you absolutely LOVE but their gowns don’t include customized options? 

Have you seen a gown and fell in love with it, but know it won’t work for your figure? 

Are you worried you can’t find the right designer to create your vision? 

No worries, here’s our #1 tip on  how to take your inspiration or ideas and create your  dream custom wedding dress! 


#1: Create a Pinterest Board!

It might seem simple, but so many brides just aren’t utilizing Pinterest to the best of it’s ability. 

By creating, curating and organizing images of dresses you love, our custom wedding dress designer can translate them into your dream custom wedding dress.

As you save each image, make a mental note of why you saved each image. Was it the color, the cut, the design, the lace, the fabric? Every detail and design element will be used in the creation and vibe of your dream wedding gown. 


#2: Organize your Pinterest boards 

Make sure you take a moment to organize your Pinterest board. You can make sections for budget, theme, color, style, timeline of shipping and more to get really specific to make it easier for you to prioritize your wedding desires. We have seen brides save images from the different venues they were interested in to show to their photographers.  


#3: Save your link for easier sharing

You can easily share your link for vendors and any participants to understand your style, the theme and your vibe and aesthetic. Places to use your Pinterest board link: Bridesmaids info box, Bridal party info cards, email for your wedding planner, floral designer, event designer, cake designer, and more. We’re also offering concierge level services for brides who are in need of more services to get the wedding of their dreams. Adding your link will show anyone you work with that you are serious about your wedding day design and flow. 


So let us know, do you have a Pinterest board? Have you organized it to work better for your big day?  

Make sure to follow our designer, Dani Simone's popular Pinterest account HERE. 

Let’s work together to take your most inspiring imagery and turn them into the gown you've always dreamed of. 

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