What Are The Different Tiers or Levels Of Manufacturers?

What Are The Different  Tiers or Levels Of  Manufacturers?

Not all manufacturers are created equal.
Here's a quick lesson on tiers within the bridal and special occasion dress manufacturing world:


You have your low-tier manufacturing partners who you can sell gowns by them for $500 to $1000 max. They use lower-quality fabrics, lace adhered with glue and they don't always follow your directions such as sending confirmation of patterns and progress through photos.


Mid-tier manufacturing partners offer flexibility in fabrics and quality and will work with you on pricing and fabric selection. They have access to a wide range of fabrics and often make higher-end gowns, but are best known for creating affordable gowns for most brides. You can send them fabric, and they work with skilled beaders and hand embellishers. Gowns in this range can be sold anywhere from $1500 to $3000 and sometimes more.


High end/couture manufacturing partners are my top choice for bespoke and custom orders. For bespoke clients, I prefer the highest quality, so I usually choose this tier over others. They are also typically referred to as Sample Rooms or Ateliers.
An example of real bespoke beadwork by my High-End/Couture Manufacturing Partner exclusively available to students of my signature program Manufacturing MasterClass  & 1-on-1 clients of Manufacturing MatchMaker  
You can send them fabric, and they have an extensive selection of fabrics and trims. They employ highly skilled artisans and offer comprehensive support from your initial request to the final gown shipment. While their pricing can be similar to the previous tier, their final products are usually more couture, with more hand stitching and finishes.
They can provide muslin samples for an additional fee, which you should include in your final cost calculation. The cost will depend on your design. You can sell gowns made by these manufacturing partners for anywhere from $3500 to $10,000 depending on the design, materials, and number of fittings you choose to do. These manufacturers are not easily found online as they are very selective about the clientele they take and design for many well-known and famous bridal brands and designers.
I'll be sharing more about manufacturing partners regularly so make sure you look out for my next Manufacturing Mini-Fact! In the meantime DM me and let's chat about how I can help you learn to navigate working with manufacturing partners and I'll send you my free 4 Day Manufacturing MiniCourse!
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